• Scrub down all tiles or fiberglass, tub/shower area, and remove soap build-up from tile, grout and corners, wash clean glass showers doors inside and outside. 

  • Clean light fixtures, mirrors, clean and sanitize toilets both inside and out. 

  • Empty trash containers. 

  • Vacuum and hand scrub floors including baseboards and corners. 

  • Shake bathroom rugs outside-return when floors is dry.


  • Clean all appliances on the exterior, oven, refrigerator on top and edges only inside for spills, toaster, and dishwasher on the outside and inside edges. 

  • Clean Smooth top stove or with burners we will remove them and wash with soap and water. 

  • Microwave inside and outside. 

  • Clean and sanitize all counter space and kitchen table, including chairs. 

  • Cabinets are wipe down on the outside and around handles. 

  • Floors will be vacuum and mop. 

  • Empty trash containers. 

  • At the end we scrub clean the sinks including the laundry room sink (if applicable).


  • We begin dusting walls with a long extension duster, ceiling fans, and air vents. 

  • Dust mini blinds using a damp cloth and fluffy fibers trap and lock dust that feather dusters can just spread around. The fluffy fibers also flex to fit into nooks and crannies to dust virtually any surface for a clean feel. 

  • Make beds (if linens are left out). 

  • Dust /polish all of your furniture, decorative items, baseboards, crown molding, lamps, picture frames, window sills, door frames, door panels, door knobs, light switches. 

  • Couches wipe down with a damp cloth the cushions are removed to vacuum underneath.


​-Cleaning Supplies

  • KAS Cleaning has customers choose and provide the products they prefer our team to use in their home, giving you the control of what is been use or prefer to use in your house specially if you have allergies to certain chemicals or when you have marble, slate, granite, wood floors. It is important to use the correct cleaners of your preference.


​-KAS Cleaning will bring and provide the following:

  • A bucket with basic general cleaning supplies, window cleaner solution, green all-purpose degrease, green all-purpose soap, baking soda for scrubbing is natural and will not scratch surfaces.

  • All cleaning equipment, sponges, brushes, duster with a long extension, step stool, squeegee, vacuum cleaner for all carpeted areas and rugs, canister for hard floors surfaces, fresh clean cleaning rags.

  • Our teams are primarily made of 2 or 3 women, all wearing KAS Cleaning Services uniform.

At The End

  • To achieve our personal touch we vacuum and mop hard floor areas, and vacuum our way out of the house, apartment or office. Our goal is to professionally clean everything that is accessible to us.​

  • Your privacy is important to us, therefore we will not open drawers or cabinets, unless it is to get cleaning supplies.

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