​-Cleaning Supplies

  • KAS Cleaning has customers choose and provide the products they prefer our team to use in their home, giving you the control of what is been use or prefer to use in your house specially if you have allergies to certain chemicals or when you have marble, slate, granite, wood floors. It is important to use the correct cleaners of your preference.


​-KAS Cleaning will bring and provide the following:

  • A bucket with basic general cleaning supplies, window cleaner solution, green all-purpose degrease, green all-purpose soap, baking soda for scrubbing is natural and will not scratch surfaces.

  • All cleaning equipment, sponges, brushes, duster with a long extension, step stool, squeegee, vacuum cleaner for all carpeted areas and rugs, canister for hard floors surfaces, fresh clean cleaning rags.

  • Our teams are primarily made of 2 or 3 women, all wearing KAS Cleaning Services uniform.

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